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Stansbury Homeowner's Association
  • Purpose: To advise and govern, set policy and direction, and assist with creating a wonderful and safe community for our homeowners. 
  • Mission statement: Stansbury HOA facilitates connections between homeowners and our neighborhood services. What matters most is a safe and enjoyable community. 
Officers [Group Email:]
Office Name Email
Jerry Nulliner
Vice President Aimee Fanning
Secretary Michael Doria
Treasurer John St. Myers
Sergeant-At-Arms Marvin Massey
Community Management
Clyde Evans, Blue Sky Community Management []
Members at Large [Group Email:]
Jeremy Dameron

Designation Name Email
Webmaster R. J. Smith
Garage Sale Coordinator OPEN POSITION  
Newsletter Coordinator
HOA Position Descriptions and Duties
  • President – Shall be the chief executive officer of the Association.
  • Vice President – Shall perform the duties of the President when the President is unable to perform such duties.
  • Secretary – Shall have the care and custody of the corporate records, shall attend all meetings of the Board, and shall keep, or cause to be kept in a book provided for such purpose, a true and complete record of the proceeding of such meetings when required.
  • Treasurer – Shall have primary responsibility for the care and investment of the Association’s funds and for the preparation of the budget as provided for in the Declaration and may delegate all or part of the preparation and notification duties to a finance committee, management agent, or both.
  • Member-At-Large (MaL) – Member has a right to be present at Board Executive meetings and voice an opinion. You can only miss 2 meetings per year to maintain MaL status.  Status is revoked after missing more than 2 meetings with no communication to the Board.
HOA Board and Designee Contacts